Mino Shizu Kaneuji


Kaneuji (兼氏), Kenmu (建武, 1334-1338), Mino – „Kaneuji“ (兼氏), called „Shizu Saburō“ (志津三郎), he came originally from Nara ́s Yurugi (動木) of Yamato province and belonged to the Tegai school, in Yamato he signed his name with the characters (包氏) but when the moving to Nokami (野上) to Mino ́s Fuwa district (不破) he adopted the character for „Kane“ (兼) which was common among the Mino smiths, in Kenmu two (1335) he moved to Shizu (志津) in the Tagi district (多芸) of Mino province, is also listed as one in the Masamune no Jittetsu. Tosando (東山道), saijō-saku.