The philosophy of our museum

Dear colleagues, welcome to our Japanese Sword Museum.

The philosophy of our museum:

1. Soshu-den museum is a virtual platform for investigation in art works of Soshu-den and Soshu-influenced swordsmiths. It was constructed for educational purposes only with the aim to improve your interest in Japanese art swords.

2. This is a non-commercial project and any discussions on the exchange of merchandise inside the walls of the museum will be deleted and your membership restricted for a time. 

3. There are many other good platforms for trade such as,,,, etc.

4. If you wish to continue discussion with our members outside of our museum, you may contact them directly if their information is available.

5. Tranquility, with mutual respect and kindness will reign inside the walls of the museum in order to not interfere with the enjoyment of Nihonto art. 

6. We are trying to combine modern technology in our developing modern world with old traditions and sense of beauty. 

7. Anyone is welcome to write a Soshu masters-related article using our platform. After a short inspection period, your article will be published on our site.

8. Everyone will be encouraged to present Soshu-related works for short or long term exhibition in the halls of our museum following these common rules: 

  • The Items that were papered at the level of Jūyō or above are strongly preferred.
  • The sword must be accompanied by high resolution quality photos made under the common standards presented in our museum.
  • Each certification paper accompanied with the sword must be translated in English.
  • We will allow preferences to the owners and will guarantee confidentiality if it is necessary. 
  • At least one image of the whole blade is required. For daito, it is best to also include at least one macro image detailing the work, as well as one with the signature (if signed).

9. We are sure that in due course of time, the quality and importance of swords presented in our museum, starting now, will advance more and more. 

Dmitry & team.