Mino Kinjū


Kinjū (金重), 1st generation, Shōō (正応, 1288–1293), Mino – Kinjū is considered as founder of the Seki smiths, he was working in Echizen under the name „Dōami“ (道阿弥) as priest of the Seisen-ji (清泉寺) and went later to Mino province, it is said that he also born the priest name „Keiyū“ (慶友), one theory says that he was the son of Motoshige (元重), Kinjū is listed as one of the Masamune no Jittetsu. We should note that in later books, the duration of the 1st-generation creativity was moved to a slightly later period—the Gen’ō era (元応, 1319–1321), Tosando (東山道), jōjō-saku.